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About The Company

Ann Williams Group introduced the company’s first product, Talkatoo™ recordable charms, in July 2010 and they immediately became a back-to-school hit. Talkatoos were featured in numerous top tier media outlets across the country, including Disney’s Family Fun Magazine and the New York Times. They also made several top holiday gift lists, including Amazon’s.

People were clamoring for more. So in 2011 the company went into development on Loopdedoo™, a patented device that makes friendship bracelets. In 2012 Loopdedoo received five prestigous toy of the year awards and was available at thousands of high end retailers across the country.

The company is continually working on developing new and unique products and brands that people connect with. So stay tuned for more of what is Ann Williams’ specialty: innovative products that encourage communication and creativity in kids from three to 100.