The Top 5 Reasons We LOVE working at Ann Williams!

  1. We get to make products that people love. There is nothing better than getting an email, Facebook message, or meeting someone in person and hearing them say "My child loves the Loopdedoo" (or Loopdeloom, Craft-tastic kit, you get it). There is something magical about the joy and pride on a child's face as they complete a bracelet, make a colorful pom pom, or weave a scarf for the first time that inspires us all to keep creating products that kids and parents will love.
  2. We work with awesome people. Everyone here is smart, funny, and kind. We work hard, and have a ton of fun. If you're not enjoying yourself when working alongside a huge "Fun Rules" sign, you're doing something wrong.

  3. Our workspace is AWESOME. There are no cubicles, and no blank walls here. We have larger than life versions of many of our products, colorful furniture (including an orange fridge, humongous pom pom footstool, and hot pink armoire full of craft supplies!), and we pump fun music courtesy of our product developer/dj Lauren.
  4. Endless supply of candy and coffee. Need we say more?
  5. We get to do fun things like bring our dogs to work! Here's our graphic designer Colleen, with her dog Uggy. Pretty cute, huh?

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