Beyond Bracelets - Other Ways to Use the Loopdedoo

The Loopdedoo was created to make creating friendship bracelets fun and free of frustration. But the fun doesn't stop at friendship bracelets - we have kits for other accessories like bracelets and headbands, and if you think outside of the box, there are even MORE possibilities! A few of our favorite user inspired projects are below:

  1. Bracelets for dolls or stuffed animals - I would have LOVED making small scale versions of our Loopdies when I was young. Tiny Loopdies are a fun way to dress up your dolls or stuffed animal friends. A fan has listed a few tips on creating bracelets specifically for American girl dolls, and you can read more at her blog, With Glittering Eyes.
  2. Funky Name Art - We're in awe of the awesome name art that Rhonda created for her daughter using the Loopdedoo. Using pipe cleaners as the base on the Loopdedoo, you can wrap your thread around the pipe cleaner then easily bend it into cursive letters! For an easy tutorial,check out Rhonda's video here! You can expand beyond names and use fun or inspirational words, too!
  3. Ornaments - Using the pipe cleaner idea above, you can create basic shapes, then add a little string to hang pieces like a heart, from a tree, wreath, doorknob, etc. Or, hook several shapes together for a huge hanging ornament!
  4. Belt - Want a colorful belt? Make it yourself! Just use more thread for a thicker core, and check out the Long Accessories Video on our site to help you get started.
  5. Earbud covers - Carefully wrapping your earbud strings through the Loopdedoo, you can cover your earbuds, like one of our fans did here.

What other ways have you used the Loopdedoo? We'd love to hear. We're constantly impressed and inspired by the things our fans show us and would love to see what else you come up with! You can comment here or shoot us a message at You can also look for further inspiration on Pinterest - that's where we found many of these awesome user creations, and repinned to our board! Follow us at

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