Our Favorite Pom Pom Crafts

To say we're pom pom obsessed here would be an understatement. We love these funky, fuzzy balls of yarn, and have a tough time putting them down! Our fans seem to agree - you can never have enough pom poms!

Take a look at Pinterest, and you'll see - there are HUNDREDS of things you can do with pom poms! To start, we've narrowed a list down to our top favorites. We'd love to see your own pom pom crafts, so feel free to share them with us on Facebook!

  • Pencil Toppers - wrap a little yarn around the base of your pencil, and use a hot glue gun to stick a pom pom on top of the eraser. Now you've got a pencil with personality, and homework will seem a little bit more fun.
  • Bookmarks - simply leave a piece of yarn uncut, and stick onto the page where you last left off!
  • Upholster small pieces of furniture - we have some barstools covered in bright pom pom patterns in our office! It takes a LOT more time and energy than the other projects listed, but the end result is pretty awesome!
  • Pillow - if you haven't noticed already, glue guns + pom poms = endless possibilities.
  • Gift Wrapping - isn't a little yarn and a pom pom topper so much warmer and more festive than a bow that will get tossed in the garbage? We love this idea for more personal packaging of handmade gifts!
  • Headband - depending on how funky you want to get, you can user a hot glue gun to add pom poms big or small onto a plain headband and you'll have a wearable conversation piece and bold fashion accessory.
  • Fuzzy Fruits, Tiny "Treats" and other endless possibilities - strategically choose colors and make the right cuts to create lively little yarn versions of your favorite foods and other objects. You can start with something easier (like an apple) and work your way up to more elaborate foods (how cute would a pom pom ice cream cone or cupcake look?), plants, or really anything!
  • Scarf - to make a scarf, simply thread some yarn through the center of each pom pom, and you'll have a one of a kind fashion accessory in just minutes!
  • Garland - there is something so simple and sweet about a pom pom garland. Whether you're using it to celebrate a birthday, holiday, or just dress up a room for fun, you can easily thread pom poms through a piece of yarn and either hang them as a banner, or dangle them from a stick, rod, or other firm material, and add instant, festive charm to any room.

We love pom poms for their fun factor, versatility, and because they're a breeze to make when you have the right tools. Our Craft-tastic Pom Pom Kit comes with everything you need to create pompoms big or small. I'm sure once you get started, you'll agree - You can never have enough pom poms! 


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September 12, 2016

bellissimi lavori, brava ciao.

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