Crafty gift ideas for the 8 to 10 year old on your list

Tick, tock, tick, tock! The holidays are fast approaching, so wouldn’t it be nice if you got all of your shopping done now so you could relax and enjoy family time in December? Sure it would, and we’re here with this handy gift guide for the eight to ten year olds on your list!

1. Loopdedoo: For the kid who loves accessories!

The Loopdedoo makes it easy to make beautiful accessories in a matter of minutes, using only thread! Kids can make friendship bracelets, necklaces, headbands, anklets, and more. Does your favorite kid already have a Loopdedoo? Get them the necklacebracelet, or headband kit. The accessory kits also make great stocking stuffers.

2. Loopdeloom: For the kid who loves to craft!

All kids love making things and the Loopdeloom makes weaving simple, fast, and fun. Kids can start with small projects like cuff bracelets and phone cases and work their way up to larger projects like scarves, hand warmers, and purses. The loom comes with enough yarn to get them started, but the refill yarn would make a great stocking stuffer. Already have the Loopdeloom? Get them the Loopdeloom expansion loom so they can make bigger projects!

3. Mini Pom Pom Kit: For the kid who loves miniature things!

Who doesn’t love all things mini? This kit includes a clever bamboo tool that makes mini pom poms and tassels for jewelry, purses, headbands, belts—plus all the thread and instructions to get them started. It also makes a great stocking stuffer.

4. Yarn Tree Kit: For the kid who loves jewelry!

Kids can wrap the 18" tree with the included colorful yarn and make a great place to hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Don't have a lot of jewelry? No problem! This tree looks great on its own—put it out as decor.

5. Dream Catcher Necklace Kit: For the kid with big dreams!

Kids love wearing a piece of jewelry they make themselves! This dreamy necklace is easy to make and love and includes everything they’ll need. It’s also a super fun stocking stuffer!

6. Pom Pom Kit: For kids who love pom poms!

Because you can never, ever have enough pom poms, the tool included with this kit makes it easy to make up to 24 pom poms at once. Kids can make scarves, garland, and lots more with the yarn included in this kit.

7. Boho Hair Tie Kit: For the kid with groovy hair!

Fashionable kids who follow the latest trends know boho is big this year. When finished, this hair tie can be worn as a headband or hair wrap. It has bright feathers, sparkly silver thread, and charms to take their hair from boo-hoo to boho!


8. Paper Bowl Kit: For the kid who needs storage!

Everyone needs space for their little treasures and this kit comes with everything kids need to make three super cute bowls. The included molds are reusable, so kids can make bowls for everyone!

9. Finger Crochet Kit: For the kid who needs to keep their hands busy!

Kids can learn to crochet and create handmade fashions using just their fingers. The precut yarn and thread make it easy for kids to make two headbands, a scarf, and three bracelets.

10. 3-D String Art Kit: For the kid who hearts string art!

This fun craft takes string art to a new dimension and lets kids create a 9.5" heart to display or give to someone they love.

11. Needle Felt Pillow Kit: For the future interior designer!

Martha Stewart, move over. This needle felt pillow kit makes it easy for kids to make a beautiful 13”x13” pillow they’ll be proud to have in their room. The kit includes everything they’ll need to make the pillow, so they can start crafting as soon as they open it!

12. String Art Kit and String Art Kit II: For creative kids!

Any kid would love to receive one of these string art kits, and it includes everything they’ll need to make three string art canvases. They can use the three included patterns or design their own. No hammer or nails are needed, either, which makes it super easy (and safe) to do.

13. Needle Felt Purse Kit: For child fashionistas!

Fun is definitely in the bag with this kit. Kids place the precut felt on the purse, needle felt it in place, then sew up the bag. They will be proud to carry this stylish purse that they made themselves! Even Santa might envy this one.

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