Gift ideas for creative adults

The crafty adult on your list probably doesn’t have as much time as they would like to craft, and that’s why these are such great gift ideas for them. All of our kits save time by giving them all the supplies they need to create something amazing!

 Ann William Group's gift guide for adults

1. Loopdeloom

Textured yarns are in right now, and the Loopdeloom makes it easy for adults to make beautiful items way faster than knitting, crocheting, or traditional weaving. With one loom, they can make scarves, hand warmers, small purses, a small dog sweater (tutorial coming soon!) and many other items. With the expansion loom, they can easily weave rugs, pillow covers, and anything else they desire!

Loopdeloom weaving examples: Scarf, rug, chair, phone cases

2. Yarn Tree Kit

Craft-tologists on your list will have fun wrapping this 18” wire tree with yarn. When they’re done, it’s perfect for displaying jewelry on their dresser or as a home decor piece. We’ve also made a “Thankful Tree” with it—watch for a blog post tomorrow about this cool idea.

3. Paper Bowl Kit

Our Paper Bowl kit comes with everything crafters need to make three paper bowls. They’re perfect for organizing items on a desk or holding jewelry on a dresser. The best part is, the molds are reusable so they can make bowls with any extra paper they have at home!

Craft-tastic Yarn Tree Kit and Craft-tastic Paper Bowl Kit

4. Mini Pom Pom Kit & 5. Pom Pom Kit

The clever Pom Pom tool that’s included in the Pom Pom kit can make pom poms from 1” up to 24.” Crafters can make a giant pom pillow, a scarf, or just make some whimsical decorations for the house, like a pom pom wreath or tree. The smaller kit can make mini poms or tassels, which look cute on purses and necklaces. The lucky recipients of these kits have a blast with either one.

 6. Needle Felt Pillow Kit

This needle felt pillow makes a great gift and a fun addition to any couch. And the best part —they can say they designed it themselves. All they have to do is place the die-cut felt shapes on the pillow, needle felt them into place and, in no time, they’ve got a designer-worthy pillow.

Craft-tastic mini pom pom kit, Craft-tastic pom pom kit, Craft-tastic Needle felt purse


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