The Thankful Tree

The Craft-tastic Yarn Wrapped Thankful Tree

Who doesn’t have something to be thankful for? We all do and our Yarn Wrapped Tree Kit is the perfect way to express gratitude for all things good and great. It makes the perfect interactive Thanksgiving centerpiece—or you could keep it out the whole holiday season to as a reminder of all the things you, your family and friends have to be thankful for!

This decor project is a snap to make, too. We cut banners from coordinating paper in various widths and lengths and punched a hole in the top. Ours are 4”x7/8”, 3 1/2” x 1 1/8”, and 3”x1”. The banners are easy to make from strips of paper, just cut a “v” out of one end.

Next, cut some thread in coordinating colors. We cut our thread to 5” long. Tie the thread onto the banners. We used a lark’s head knot to attach the thread, but you could simply thread it through and tie a knot.

We put a small paper bowl (it’s from our very own Paper Bowl Kit) under the tree and filled it with the banners and pens. On Thanksgiving, the banners will be ready so your guests can share their gratitude.
Thankful tree banners, writing on a banner, Craft-tastic paper bowl
Your tree will look amazing decked out with notes of thanks. (Even if it’s just giving thanks for  that second piece of pumpkin pie. #passthewhipcream)

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