Handmade Holidays: Gifts to make & share

Handmade Holidays Gifts to make and share

Here at Ann Williams Group, we’re all about Handmade Holidays! We love giving and receiving hand made gifts, so we’ve linked up to some tutorials with lots of ideas to help you make your own heart-felt gifts. Think you don’t have enough time? Think again! Our kits make it easy to make a gift for everyone on your list. These gifts can be made by anyone from eight to adult, although kids younger than eight could use a little help from an adult.

Craft-tastic paper bowl kit and finger crochet kit

The Paper Bowl Kit has everything you need to make three different sized bowls. Fill them with a few small items, wrap them up, and you’re the star! Make a mini-manicure bowl with a bottle of nail polish, little nail file, and a mini lotion. Or how ‘bout a movie night bowl, with a gift card for Redbox, a bag of microwave popcorn, and a box of candy? The bowls are perfect for jewelry, too, so you could gift it with a bracelet or necklace. Or, just fill it with wrapped candy, a gift anyone would appreciate! The bowls are quick to make, but do require drying time. Watch our step-by-step video tutorial.


The Finger Crochet Kit comes with everything you’ll need to make a scarf, two headbands, and three bracelets—all from one little packet and all made by hand. Six presents in one box, and you’ll be done in no time at all!

Loopdedoo Bracelet maker and Craft-tastic String Art

If you have lots of friends, the Loopdedoo lets you make bracelets for all of them in minutes! Tie a bracelet onto a candy cane, Chapstick, or a bottle of nail polish for an extra special little gift.


Our String Art Kits are fun to make and share, too. Follow our designs to create a heart, “hi,” and peace sign, (or rocket, star, and planet), or personalize it and use your own design. Each kit comes with three canvases, so you have three chances to make a unique gift! These would also make a fun friend activity, for you and two friends. #bondingtime!

Loopdeloom weaving loom

The gift possibilities are endless with the Loopdeloom! Make something simple like a mug rug or pot holder, or get more detailed with our three tutorials:

Is your friend the one who is constantly using their phone or iPod? Make them a special case to keep it safe! You can personalize the case so it will be something they love. If you have more time, you can make a tablet or e-reader case using the same instructions! Check out our video tutorial on making a phone case.

You can make fingerless gloves to keep your friend’s hands toasty this winter. Why not personalize them with some embroidery for an extra special touch! Watch our video tutorial now.

If you really don’t have much time left, you can make a wrist cuff bracelet! Make it in your friends’ favorite colors, or use their team colors and make them something they can wear to the game! Here is our video tutorial on making wrist cuffs.

Craft-tastic pom pom kit and mini pom pom kit

To decorate your gifts, make a few pom poms with the Pom Pom Kit or Mini Pom Pom Kit and tie them on top. Voila! Handmade wrapping made cute and fun! The pom pom kits also make fun presents such as tassels for key chains or purses, necklaces, even scarves!  Search for “pom pom crafts” and you’ll see the options are endless.


 Happy Crafting!

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August 17, 2016

Hi Margaret, thanks for the lovely comment! The owl macrame kit comes with all the cord to you need to make the backpack charm or necklace, 12 yards in total.

Margaret McNeal
Margaret McNeal

June 06, 2016

Hello I love you owl macrame. Would be nice to know how much cord it requires though.

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