Be Kind to Humankind Week

Kindness is something all of us could use a little more of, which is why we love “Be Kind To Humankind week.” It was created in August of 1988 by Lorraine Jara in Toms River, New Jersey. She created the celebration in light of an upsetting story she read in the paper, you can read more about it on her website. She says,

It is basically a week of reflection and kind thoughts of others to make this world a better place. Of course we suggest practicing kindness daily, but this is the week you can take it to the next level. 

 We love spreading kindness with thoughtful crafts and kind words, and we will be celebrating this August 25-31 along with people all over the world. Performing acts of kindness can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and simply make you a happier human being, so kindness can be seen as it’s own gift!

 The week of kindness consists of seven days, each with it’s own unique theme which you can find here. There are suggestions on the site for ways to participate in each day’s theme, but here are some other suggestions for random acts of kindness that you can use every day:

            -Send someone a hand written note 

            -Put some coins in someone else’s parking meter

            -Walk your friend’s dog

            -Open the door for someone

            -Leave sticky notes with kind words like “you make a difference” or “you have a great smile” in random places

            -Compliment a stranger

            -Pick up litter

            -Help someone with yardwork

            -Make a gift for a friend for no special reason

            -Let someone go in front of you in line.


Need a little more help teaching your kids how important it is to be kind? We’re proud that our Craft-tastic Kindness Kit recently won ASTRA’s “Best Toys for Kids” Award for 2016. It includes 8 crafts that make it easy and fun for kids to spread kindness around.

How are you planning on spreading kindness this week and in the future?


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