The Many Benefits of Crafting for Kids

When you think of kids crafting, what comes to mind? Drawing? Painting? How about learning?  Crafting methods and creative ideas are endless. But while kids are having fun using paper and scissors, they are also learning. There are cognitive, emotional and physical benefits that are gained while engaged in a craft. According to PBS Parents, creative activities are an important part of childhood. And if you glue enough of them together, they help form the foundation of a child’s brain development

The art of crafting is so much more than the end result that we see. A child is cognitively learning how to make critical decisions and boost problem solving skills during the creative process. While visualizing a creation and then going forward with an idea, a child is developing critical decision-making skills that will also carry over into other areas of life. Our Loopdeloom Weaving Loom is a tool that allows kids to imagine something and then weave it. They'll have to use lots of different skills to create the project they've dreamed up.

Children have an emotional connection to artwork they create. They feel good about themselves when creating things with their own hands. Their self-esteem and confidence increase because they feel good about expressing themselves through art. Also, they are learning patience and self-regulation when acquiring a new crafting skill. Our Craft-tastic Learn to Sew Kit includes everything needed for beginners to learn a new artistic talent that is “sew” much fun and not at all as hard as it “seams”. Reading through the instruction booklet, implementing the steps and then sewing the pieces teaches kids that not all gratification is instant and that good things come to those who wait!

What about the physical benefits of crafting? Just about any craft aids in the development of fine motor skills which will in turn help children when learning how to properly hold a pencil or button a shirt. Coordination is improved while using both hands when crafting and this could in turn help a child with other activities such as playing a sport. You’ll definitely need all hands on deck with our open-ended “Creative Challenge” boxes. Do you have an aspiring artist in the house? A tinkering tot? Maybe an imaginative inventor? There’s a box for everyone!

Adults can play a helpful role when their children are crafting. A report from Michigan State University Extension encourages open communication. Show that you’re supportive by asking open-ended questions about what is being created.

There may be many questions related to how children learn and grow, but whether you have an entire afternoon or only a few moments to spare, there can be one common answer: crafting. 

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November 08, 2018

Great article! Sometimes it’s hard to muster up the energy to get the craft stuff out, but it’s definitely worth it!

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