Why we do what we do:

Ann Williams Group is what happens when a group of craft-crazy engineers, artisans, designers, art directors, writers, and bean counters turn their obsession into a profession. Our sole mission is to spread the power of creativity by creating products no one has seen before, with quality materials no one has used before, and make customers happy like no one has done before.

And that starts right at our headquarters in Bloomfield, MI. Our lobby is filled with a giant yarn tree and over-sized jewelry. Our colorful crafting room has a huge 3-D string art heart and a life-size yarn-wrapped giraffe that prove you can never dream too big when it comes to crafts. Our pace is fast (okay, even frenetic sometimes), but that’s what contributes to out-of-the-box thinking and cool crafts that reflect it.

But, enough about us. Let’s talk about you. Are you good at multi-tasking? Working independently? A team player with positive energy? Self-motivated? Do you show up with that get-it-done attitude? Can you think on your feet and come up with good ideas quickly? Do you like snacks? Then this could be a match made in crafting heaven. We’re looking for hard-working, craft-loving people to join our team. And help us create new ways to, well, create. Does one of the jobs below have your name on it?

Crafting Artisan / Graphic Designer

We’re looking for a creative, hands-on Crafting Artisan/Graphic Designer to join our team and spearhead the development of creative projects for kids and adults. This full-time position is located at our office in Bloomfield, MI. You will work with our creative team to ideate, prototype and refine product concepts. You are responsible for owning and driving our development of projects from initial conception through product launch.

We're looking for someone who is a natural maker, has a keen eye, a passion for creating and a skilled artistic hand. Someone with a strong yet whimsical/playful design sense, the knowledge and ability to work with various mediums and construction methods/techniques, and the skills and talent to efficiently create beautiful unique finished craft projects.


To thrive in this role, you'll need to effectively multi-task, be extremely detail oriented, take creative direction yet work independently and proactively, communicate well, and use our branding as your inspiration.
Ideation, brainstorming, and research of product concepts. We’re a design driven company that is passionate about creating original, unique and appealing products. Together with our creative team, you will work to develop our product concepts.
Prototyping and design iteration. You must be a maker at heart. Physical prototyping is a major part of this position and a daily activity that brings life to our ideas, informs design decisions, and drives our process forward. We move quickly, and iterate often. Experience with various crafting methods is a must, such as sewing, weaving, paper crafting, jewelry making, etc.
Material specifications and instructions. You will write detailed product specifications for our manufacturing partners to follow. You will also be responsible for developing clear, concise, simple-to-follow instruction manuals and instructional videos.


We seek team players with positive energy, great initiative, and a get-it-done attitude. Candidates must thrive in ambiguity and love a rapid pace.
•Passionate about making. Creative projects are your jam, and you love making something fun and new. You enjoy exploring new methods and using various tools, processes and materials.
•Strong physical prototyping skills. You’re a maker at heart and love getting creative with your hands. You’re always bursting with crafty new ideas and can whip them up in a jiffy. Taking an idea from your head to a physical prototype and then rapidly iterating comes naturally.
•Passionate about design. You are very creative, have a keen eye, a passion for creating, and has a skilled artistic hand.
•You are proficient in Adobe Suite and photoshop and have an educational background in a creative study.
•Effective problem solver, with a hands-on “get things done” mentality. You are eager and able to solve challenges and tackle opportunities, identify potential issues and hurdles, and develop ways to get around them. You can adapt quickly to figure out innovative ways to get things done.
•Time management skills and ability to multitask. We move fast. Effective prioritization and organization to stay positive and proactive in an ambiguous environment is a must. We always have a multitude of projects on the burner, and learning to parse and prioritize is essential.
•Detail & process-oriented. The details are extremely important and we strive for excellence in every aspect of the product development process. You own the development process from start to finish, and must ensure that our t’s are crossed and our i’s dotted.
•Collaboration & communication skills. You will need to work closely with our Creative team so you’ll need strong interpersonal skills and exceptional communication skills that allow fluid team discussions, and collaborations. A true team player.
•More about you: You're positive, motivated, creative, a go-getter, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial. You’re also a maker at heart and love to be creative.


•Skilled illustrator
•Photography skills

To be considered for this position you must provide:
1. Resume
2. Examples things you have made
3. Cover letter letting us know why you are interested in the position and highlighting why you would be a good fit. Please send these items to