about ann williams

From our cool and quirky office to a bottomless candy supply, Ann Williams is a one of a kind company where fun definitely rules. Instead of beginning our day with boring meetings, we start with one simple question, “What would be fun and super cool for a kid to make?” Stuff you don’t see anywhere else. And something you actually want to keep and wear and hang on your wall. That’s what we are passionate about.

The Ann Williams Group began in 2007 when our CEO (Sheila Wright) sold her first product. From there an explosion of new products were developed that received glowing reviews and lots of awards.

The really amazing part is that we’ve done all this with a tiny crew, that eats a lot of candy. And now, with over 100 products on the market and dozens more in the works, we’re crazy busy. And we’re so excited over the new craft ideas we can’t wait til they hit the shelves. (Needless to say, more candy will be needed)

People always call and ask for Ann Williams, the truth is she doesn’t exist; the company is named after Sheila’s two children. Pretty fun, huh?