Imitation & Counterfeit Products

Notice to our Loyal Customers about Imitation and Counterfeit Products:

Ann Williams Group, LLC recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. We are very proud of the accomplishments we have enjoyed in this time. We thank all of our loyal customers and vendors for their ongoing support. We take this opportunity to update you about a serious concern we have.

Recently we have learned of efforts by third parties to sell products that imitate and unlawfully copy the innovative products of Ann Williams Group, LLC that we sell under our Loopdodoo®, Loopdeloom® or Craft-tastic® brands.

Such imitation products are not authorized Ann Williams Group, LLC. In certain instances, we regard that the products are counterfeit products or otherwise infringe many of the valuable intellectual property rights of Ann Williams Group, LLC (see, e.g.,

We also bring to your attention that any product that you encounter in the marketplace having a name CrazyDeDoo, CrazyDeLoom, or LooqDeDoq are not genuine products of Ann Williams Group, LLC. Ann Williams Group, LLC seeks to assure that its genuine and authorized products exceed established industry testing criteria affecting product materials and integrity. However, Ann Williams Group, LLC is unable to assure that counterfeit or imitation products will meet such criteria.

Ann Williams Group is committed to selling high quality products to help assure long enjoyment by our many loyal customers. To do this, Ann Williams Group, LLC has launched an intensive effort to help rid the market of unauthorized and imitation products. If you have purchased what you believe to be one of our products, and have you questions as to authenticity, please contact us as soon as possible. We value your assistance in our campaign to protect present and future customers from confusion and dissatisfaction. 

Thank you for reading this. We hope to keep on crafting with Ann Williams Group, LLC, for many years to come!