U.S. Patent Numbers: 8,234,850, 8,234,851, 9,078,479, D712,294. Other US and international Patents Pending. 

Loopdeloom and Craft Crush Fast & Easy Loom: 

US Patent No. 9109308 and other US Patents and International Patents Pending.

Craft-tastic: DIY Puffy Charm Bracelets / DIY Puffy Charms / DIY Sparkle Charms / DIY Puffy Charm Palooza / Fun With DIY Puffy Charms / DIY Charming Charms / Puffy Charm Bracelets, Fortune Bracelets, Quiz Bracelets, Glow-in-the-Dark Bracelets, as well as puffy charms found in other Craft-tastic, Loopdedoo and Ann Williams products:

US Patent No.10993514 and other US Patents Pending.

Craft-tastic: Quiz Art / Quiz Bracelets:

Patent Pending.

Craft-tastic Design Your Own Necklaces:

Patent Pending.

Craft-tastic: Wall Sticker Playhouse / Wall Sticker Castle / Enchanted Sticker Playhouse:

Patent Pending.