Sticker & Chill
adulting is hard stickering easy

Take a break and tap into your creative side with Sticker & Chill. Each book has 10 scenes that you get to design with a variety of repositionable static cling stickers.

Don’t like what you see? No worries, you can remove the stickers and start again - no commitment necessary.

Live life outside the lines!

four relaxing themes

Sticker & Chill Wanderlust
$ 19.99
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Sticker & Chill Succulents & Crystals
$ 24.99
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Sticker & Chill Personal Spaces
Sold Out
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Sticker & Chill Flower Fest
$ 19.99
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here's how it works
stickers with benefits
  1. Helps you relax, unwind and decompress
  2. No commitment: stickers are repositionable!
  3. It's cheaper than therapy
  4. Freedom! Sticker anytime, anywhere
  5. Convenient: you can do it on a plane, at home, at work, at the park, in a car...
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