2017 GIFT: Ann Williams' Monthly Craft Box - 6 to 8 years old - 3 Month Gift

This is three months of continuous crafting awesomeness. By choosing it:

  • • a special crafter gets an OMG surprise within 1-2 weeks. Caution: once they get their first box, they’ll be so excited about the next one, they’ll wait for the mail each day!
  • • you save $3 over a monthly subscription. (Who doesn’t love money back in their pocket?)
  • • you get FREE shipping anywhere in the United States via USPS
  • • your subscription begins at check out and your order will ship within 5 business days
  • • when purchased as a gift, the Monthly Craft Box does not auto renew
  • • you give your child the surprise of their crafting life each month!

Get 30% off your first month with code OMGSURPRISE

**The products shown are just an example of the awesomeness you’ll receive every month. The surprise is half the fun!

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